About Us

Connecting Communities


Our Vision

To gain substantial traction and achieve an evolved digital landscape by shifting crowds to communities, connecting communities, and transforming competitors into collaborators by eliminating the need for competition with our DECS model.


Our Mission

At the begining of this COVID-19 pandemic, our founder, Dato’ Sri Yong saw that offline merchants were suffering and foresaw challenging times ahead.

Together with other co-founders, they aspire to help the Malaysian businesses and economy through the Cun Cun Super App by utilizing their financial and knowledge capital to form a virtual, but tangible economy in the form of a consumerism capital.


We aim to create x2 x3 value for every spending by our Cun Cun Citizens. 



To form a Digital Economy Community System (DECS) through resources integration.


We aim to digitalize the businesses of merchants in Malaysia to provide value-added services. 


Business Developers

Support Business developers to build a career and passive income during this pandemic.


The Digital Economy Community System (DECS) Model

We at Cun Cun emphasize heavily on creating and connecting communities by providing a Digital Economy Community System (DECS)- an infinite and ever-expanding loop, composed of Communities, Merchants, and Business Developers.

Our DECS system aims to provide a self-sustaining digital economy which would in turn, also benefit the Malaysian economy.

Join us on our quest to fulfill our vision!

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