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What benefits do Business Developer’s for Cun Cun receive?

Business Developers may tap into our well-developed system, and start connecting merchants and citizens to Cun Cun in order to build a long-term passive income, built on the foundation of consumer spending on daily needs. 

Cun Cun's SuperApp

Commissions and Bonuses

Business Developers' earning potential is essentially limitless! As BD draws from many sources such as:

  • Business Commission: Citizen (BCC)
  • Business Commission: Merchant (BCM)
  • Team Bonuses (TB)

Benefits of Being a Business Developer for Cun Cun

Increased Earning Capability

With zero financial investment, a Business Developer could leverage on Cun Cun's system to support and be a "partner" in any business in Malaysia. 

Networking Opportunities

Business Developers are able to leverage on the Cun Cun brand name to connect with Consumers, Merchants, and even other potential Business Developers!

DECS Contribution

All Business Developers play a major role in realizing Cun Cun's vision of connecting the communities in Malaysia and support the growth of our economy. 

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