Cun Cun Citizen

Rewards • Cash Backs • Fun • Suprises 


What is a CunCun Citizen?

  • A Citizen is one of the most fundamental roles found within the Cun Cun Community
  • You will be entitled to our extensive reward system
  • Eliminate downloading multiple apps! You have all Merchant options while only using our SuperApp
  • Hot deals, rebates, and lucky draws- only exclusive to Cun Cun Citizens

Benefits of Being a Citizen of Cun Cun

Cun Cun Citizens able to enjoy exclusive rewards and features!


We enable you to spend within your community through a connected ecosystem

Community Engagement

Play mini-games, lucky draws, and cashback up to 100%!

Super App

Our Cun Cun SuperApp enables you to choose from a variety of Merchants, pay for bills, play games, and many more!


Free Download

The Cun Cun SuperApp is 100% free to download- no hidden costs involved!

Lifetime Discount and Spending

Enjoy a Lifetime Discount and Free Spending- not to mention referral fees! It’s a relatively simple concept- Cun Cun rewards Citizens to a percentage of any of their referral’s purchases!

Two Phone0 (Citizen)

Spend and Earn CP

Each time you spend, you will receive CP- these CP’s can be redeemed for items, housing down payments, and more!

Hot Deal Vouchers + Cashbacks up to 100%

When you spend, you have the chance to receive cashbacks and vouchers for your future purchases!

Lucky Draw

Every time you spend, you will receive vouchers that may be used for the Daily, Bi-Weekly, and Lucky Grand Prize Draw!

Rewarding Games

Each time you purchase an item, you will receive the ability to play minigames! These minigames have a myriad of rewards, including non-conditional cash vouchers!

Download Cun Cun Today

Enjoy hot deals and rebates! Connecting Communities for Lifetime Discount and FREE spending. Download now!


Contact Us Here

Interested in learning more about Cun Cun, or joining the Cun Cun family? Leave us your name, email, and phone number, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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