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Company culture is an often overlooked aspect within working environments. As it is often overlooked, many companies (especially within ASEAN regions) do not realize how impactful company culture can be in regards to forming a better and well-rounded workplace environment. You may be wondering what a company with great culture should encompass- the answer to that is there is no right or wrong version of company culture.

This short blog post aims to provide you, the reader, with a better understanding as to what company culture is, and how you may potentially have a shift within your company to progress to a company with a workplace culture suitable for yourself.

What is Company Culture?

Company culture is the behaviour and attitude of a company, as well as it’s employees. This is exceptionally important, and can be seen through interaction between employees, their decisions, and respective values. Elements comprising company culture may include (but are not limited to) ethics and values, forms of leadership, goals, work environment, and even the company’s Vision and Mission.

The formation of a company’s culture may be deliberate, or it could evolve from the nature of the employees and Directors of the company. With that being said, with a strong company culture, employees may know what to expect when situations arise, and will be able to act accordingly. Team-based culture is particularly prominent in newer and more modern companies (especially start-ups), heavily emphasizing on the participation of all employees on all levels, regardless of title. Other companies may approach company culture in a more traditional manner, utilizing hierarchical management styles.  

Three Key Elements that Makes for Incredible Company Culture

Transparency: With transparency, it’s much easier for employees to trust their superiors. Being forthcoming in regards to the aspect of a company’s business is of paramount importance, and every workplace should encourage open communication between employees and management. 

Accessible Leaders: I’m sure that some of you have heard about an “Open Door” policy. For those of you who have not, an “open door” policy is when members of the management team (e.g. C-Suite, HoDs, etc) leaves their office door “open”. This is done in order to encourage transparency and openness with their employees. Present and accessible leaders are essentially the face of the company, as well as the values and mission of said company. Employees will follow and contribute to the company more effectively when efficient and transparent leadership is in place.

Workplace Encouragement and Participation: Active encouragement towards your employees and team members works wonders. By encouraging them to participate in workplace activities and constant feedback, you essentially allow them to speak their mind- therefore boosting their morale because their voice will be heard. It also provides a sense of belonging to your employees, and will probably boost their dedication to the company as well.

Company Culture Within Cun Cun- Case Study

The company culture within Cun Cun provides an equal opportunity for everyone within the company. Utilizing an open door policy and weekly recap sessions with all of the departments, our upper management has made themselves accessible for feedback, and are open to many ideas. Other than that, the work environment is very friendly and welcoming, allowing employees to feel comfortable, safe, and at home. Needless to say, a working environment such as this fosters and cultivates growth- with upper management being hands on, open to feedback, and taking all actions to boost morale and the employees within the company. To us, Cun Cun is not just a company, but it’s a family- all pushing towards the same goal.

With the knowledge of these key elements, we hope that you will be able to improve and/or shift your company’s culture to that of something which will enable the productivity of employees- thus creating a safer and productive working environment for all.


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