Cun Cun Merchant

Digitalization • Exposure • Growth


Services and Benefits for Cun Cun Merchants

  • Business Digitalization
  • Personalized Mobile Apps
  • Marketing Tools & Strategies
  • Variety of Support Mechanisms

Own Mobile Apps

Every Merchant will have their very own personalized and customizable Mobile App, with ZERO cost. 


Digitalized E-Vouchers distributed by our AI system to attract new customers according to location proximity and buying behaviour. 

Lucky Draws

Daily, Weekly, and Grand Lucky Draw prizes are ready to be offered to your consumers for customer retention and satisfaction. 

Cun Mall

Merchants may list goods within our own Cun Cun Mall, providing promotions and driving user retention!

Business Developer Support

Cun Cun Business Developers can assist you in any way possible, and support your inquiries and needs!

CP Discounts

Merchants are eligible to subsidize Citizens’ spendings by enabling the usage of CP discounts!

And more...

Digital Marketing Tools

Readily available marketing tools on Cun Cun’s Platform assists Merchant’s marketing needs.

Loyalty & Referral

Merchants are able to build their community proactively and passively with our integrated referral and loyalty system.

Cross-Industry Relationships

Citizens just need to share and refer friends to gain a lifetime discount and free-spending.

Smart Community Reach

Drives user engagement through mini-games, lucky draws, and cashback up to 100%.


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