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Let’s be honest here: as Malaysians, we love our food. Whether we’re grabbing something from a kopitiam, going to a high-end restaurant, or even getting a small bite to eat at a road-side stall, it’s safe to say that the culmination of different races within Malaysia has added an incredible variety of dishes to our personal menus. 

Here are some of our personal favourites, and we hope that you’ll find this short listicle helpful when choosing your next meal!


  1. Malaya Ceylon Kitchen: With the founder hailing from Sri Lanka, Malaya Ceylon Kitchen aims to bring you authentic and tasty Sri Lankan food! Located within Leisure Commerce Square, Malaya Ceylon Kitchen is not only accessible, but they also provide affordable prices for their unique and international offerings! 
  2. Satay Sumo: Satay Sumo brings a brand-new experience to their customers! Basing their recipe on a traditional Kelantanese flavor, Satay Sumo constantly optimizes their flavors and recipes to provide a healthy, yet incredibly delicious satay. Using imported Australian beef, their satay is not only high quality, but incredibly delicious!
  3. Euphoria Pastry Home: Are you craving freshly made cakes, towel rolls, and various tarts? Well, Euphoria Pastry Home is the way to go! Located in Shah Alam, they bring you a wide variety of cakes, smoothies, and all sorts of delectable goodies! 
  4. Tumis Hauz: Located in Shah Alam, Tumis Hauz brings you traditional Kelantanese fare. As the founder’s (Ms. Arina) grandmother Mak Thom was the Palace Chef for Kelantan, it’s safe to say that recipes and cooking secrets have been passed down to Ms. Arina. Established in Christmas, 2020, Ms. Arina aims to bring a personalized, family recipe to the public!
  5. Moi Biscuit: Moi Biscuits are representative of family affection and a mother’s love. Combining an amazing combination of sweetened vegetables, melon seeds, dried tangerine, and premium, low-sugar lotus paste, Moi Biscuit brings you subtle sweetness, with a silky texture. Try it today, and have a taste of their biscuits for yourself!


  1. Kee Heong Bak Kut Teh: Kee Heong Bak Kut Teh is a staple for the majority of residents within the Subang Jaya area. Founded in the 1960’s, Mr. Lee Eng Hin has added more than 10 herbs to perfect his special Bak Kut Teh recipe. Kee Heong Bak Kut Teh has expanded to 9 outlets, spread across Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia!
  2. Ulu Yam Loh Mee: Starting their business in 1990, Hock Kee Ulu Yam Loh Mee believes in providing the best “hometown taste” to their customers. Over the course of 20 years, Hok Kee has expanded across different cities, opening up branches along the way. Their handmade noodles are preservative-free, and retains the most authentic and original flavors!
  3. Big Daddy: Big Daddy was founded in 2018 by a Mr. Boon Yeoh. Receiving an award from City and Guilds UK for his outstanding academic achievement within his field (culinary arts), Mr. Yeoh has always strived for the best in his food. As Big Daddy is a Hip Hop and RnB themed restaurant, you can expect some great music to accompany great food!
  4. Old Beijing: Do you love Chinese cuisine? Craving some Beijing “Braised Pot”? Old Beijing Braised Pot is the way to go! Located in Klang, Mr. Loki (a chef from China) and his Malaysian partner launched Old Beijing in 2020, bringing an authentic Chinese braised pot and  traditional BBQ skewers to the Malaysian public. To increase nutritional value and taste, Old Beijing has incorporated 9 different vegetables and secret sauces to their offerings!
  5. Tan Kim Hock: Growing up around an environment filled with food, and having a passion towards chicken rice and siew yok, Mr. Tan decided to open his very own food stall. Specializing in chicken rice, barbecued pork, Beijing roasted duck, and more, Tan Kim Hock has a wide variety of offerings. Don’t forget to pop in the next time you’re in Malacca!


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