The Cun Cun SuperApp

Before we get into our blogpost about what Cun Cun is, let us first formally welcome you to the Cun Cun Community! We’re so glad that you’ve taken the time to register with us, use our platform for whatever purpose, and finally, to read this blogpost! Hopefully, we will be able to provide you with a deeper understanding of Cun Cun, and what we wish to accomplish within these upcoming years!


During the initial MCO, our founder Dato Sri Yong, saw that traditionally offline merchants were suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic, and foresaw challenging times ahead. Through this, he collaborated with Dato Lim, Mr. Lim, and Mr. Hon to give back and help the economy through Cun Cun. They utilized their financial and knowledge capital to form a virtual, but tangible economy in the form of a consumerist capital.

In this new normal (the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia), businesses are facing even more challenges to stay relevant and sustainable: SMEs and micro-business are facing difficulties with the shifting consumption behavior.

As such, we have grown Cun Cun, and is now the industry leader in connecting communities to merchants. Conceived during the MCO in 2020, Cun Cun strives to provide an Offline Merge Online (OMO) solution to Offline Merchants- giving them the ability to digitize and modernize their businesses.

What is the Cun Cun SuperApp

To sum it up, Cun Cun is a SuperApp where all participating merchants, exciting rewards, crazy deals, and loyalty points are gathered within one single app! Within the Cun Cun App, a user (also known as a citizen) is able to purchase their daily goods, pay my bills, and grab everything that their household needs- all while being rewarded! For each amount you spend, you’ll be rewarded, further enabling you to gain a lifetime of discounted and free spending! 

That’s not all! Cun Cun enables you to grow as a user, and to be able to gain a lifetime of discounted and free spending! All you have to do is to be an active user and recruit your friends and family! With just one click, you can invite your friends and family to join your community; best of all- it’s free! There’s really nothing to lose, but so much to gain! 

One of the best parts about Cun Cun is that we have everything you need, condensed within one amazing SuperApp! The time for having multiple apps for multiple needs are done and dusted- the Cun Cun SuperApp has it all. For example: you have one app to pay bills, one app to purchase goods and services, another app for you to order your lunch and dinner, and another app to play games. Forget multiple apps- with the Cun Cun SuperApp, you’re able to do all of those things and more!

Cun Cun is looking to connect various communities in Malaysia under one app, and we hope you enjoy your journey with us; once again, WELCOME TO CUN CUN!


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