What is the Cun Cun DECS Model?

The Cun Cun Digital Economy Community System (DECS) is a fundamental system, which has been implemented within the very foundations of Cun Cun. In short? It’s essentially a virtual economy system, whereby users and merchants are connected. 

This short blogpost will assist you, the reader, in understanding what the DECS model is, the framework behind it, and how you may benefit from our DECS model, and contribute to our overall DECS flow. 

An Economy Within A SuperApp

Like most e-commerce platforms, the Cun Cun Super App offers a wide variety of products to their users. The key difference, the Cun Cun Super App works on a DECS ecosystem. 

The DECS model was implemented in order to foster growth and sustainability within Malaysia- starting from within our SuperApp. Our platform has been designed in such a way that monetary spending performed by our Citizens, is channeled back to the Citizens by various forms of rewards, from reward points to loyalty programs, whereby these rewards can be used at participating Merchants, spurring the growth within the Cun Cun economy.  whereby the rewards can be used at Merchants within the Cun Cun economy. It’s no wonder that Merchants, Business Developers, and Users, play an integral part into our digital virtual ecosystem.  

Our Digital Economy Community System is an infinite and ever expanding loop, which is comprised of Citizens, Merchants, and Business Developers. Our DECS system aims to provide a self-sustaining digital economy which would in turn, also benefit the Malaysian economy as a whole. 

How Does It Work?

To break everything down as succinctly as possible we will list out how each role contributes to forming  our DECS model- with Citizens, Merchants, and Business Developers being the supporting pillars for Cun Cun.

Citizens/ Users: When a Citizen spends at Cun Cun, a portion of the Citizens spending is channeled back into Cun Cun. This allows for Cun Cun to continue channeling funds back into the DECS. Furthermore, when a Citizen refers their friends and/or family to Cun Cun, they will receive added benefits, which may eventually result in a lifetime discounted and free spending! 

In an economic sense, Citizens are the primary consumer- paying for the consumption of goods and services offered within Cun Cun. As such, Citizens play a pivotal role in Cun Cun’s DECS- an absence of Citizens would essentially cause a shortage of Merchants, due to a low demand for goods and services. 

Merchants: Merchants are vendors within Cun Cun, providing goods and services within our app. As Merchants are able to bring other Merchants and Citizens into the Cun Cun SuperApp, Merchants are also able to receive additional benefits to boost their storefront, as well as their overall business. By bringing in additional Merchants and Citizens, Merchants are able to expand the Cun Cun DECS, gain additional benefits from the platform, and are able to use their storefront as a virtual name card.

Merchants are Cun Cun’s primary supplier of goods and services. By providing factor inputs in order to create their virtual storefront, output is of utmost importance, as are consumers. 

Business Developers: Business Developers are individuals who bring in Merchants and Citizens within Cun Cun. Business Developers have an incredibly high chance to earn from the Cun Cun SuperApp, especially since they will be bringing in both Merchants and Citizens.  

Business Developers play a vital role in creating a sustainable ecosystem to the DECS within Cun Cun. The larger the size of the Merchants and Citizens, the larger the economy can scale.


The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the traditional offline business to a more robust digital business. If you are a business owner, take advantage of the DECS model, be a part of the Cun Cun ever growing digital economy and allow Cun Cun to  spur the growth, as well as sustain your business within the Cun Cun ecosystem.


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